Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc is proud to be a leader and pioneer in services and solutions for the roofing industry. We are a local, family-owned and operated company providing an expertise in high-quality and affordable solutions for your home or business. You deserve a company that is local-owned, insured, licensed, experienced (having completed over 1000+ roofing projects nationwide), and one that uses superior materials to exceed your expectations.

Custom Integrated Roofing Solutions

We customize every job to fit your needs! When working with us, the biggest difference you will find is our knack for truly listening to our customers. We understand no two jobs are alike and recognize the importance of your comments and concerns. We provide options that are simple to understand and walk through every step to ensure the only surprise you receive is how outstanding the end-result is. We invite you to see why Phoenix Roofing is always the number one choice when it comes to your roof.

  • Uphold manufacturer warranties whenever applicable
  • Provide a “5-year Installation Warranty” from Phoenix Roofing & Construction Inc and stand behind our work without excuses
  • Management team and employees attend continuing education programs
  • Maintain communications with clients regarding any changes in schedule, scope of work, or unforeseen circumstances
  • Responsive to owner/client service calls
  • Ensure safe working conditions in accordance with OSHA guidelines and industry standards
  • Aspire to uphold 100% client satisfaction standards

Code of Ethics

Phoenix Roofing & Construction pledges to adhere to the highest standard of ethics, integrity, and professional responsibility in dealing with our clients. We take great pride in our reputation and work with our large family of clients to demonstrate the most professional behavior in the industry.

  • We make no false promises or claims in advertising
  • Fulfill all contractual obligations
  • Provide a professional appraisal at the owner’s request
  • Encourage projects only when they are structurally and financially sound
  • Follow local inspection & permitting requirements
  • Provide customer reference lists and our “Proof of Insurance” to all clients
  • Certified technicians by most major manufacturers
  • Provide a professional & courteous reception upon client inquiry or request for services
  • Have a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager
  • Keep appointments to the best of our ability (It is rare for conflicts to arise, but if it does happen we will promptly call the owner to reschedule.)
  • Phoenix Roofing & Construction Inc. is an accredited business with the BBB and is rated A+ with zero complaints!


What Makes Us Different

We don’t settle at Phoenix Roofing and you shouldn’t have to either! Here are some examples of why we are the number one choice when it comes to all your roofing needs.

We use two secondary water barriers, one of them being high-quality felt (This is not required, but makes a huge difference for a long-lasting roof).
We use enhanced nailing patterns with tin tags instead of plastic. (This is highly recommended for your new roof, as it will ensure the structure is sound and will not break.)
The edges of the flashing and the valley metal get three course bull and membrane . The membrane helps to maintain a superior bond over time by entering the bull to keep it from drying out.
We lay down a three inch patty (and with the foam, this rises to six inches). Other roofing companies mechanically fastened with two fasteners for tile instead, which is not the best choice for weather resistance. Our foam is a superior product and mechanically fastens more permanently, providing a superior stick. Being foam-sealed, the tiles are not able to lift up in harsh weather. This is one of the most important details for your new roof.

Trust the Guys with the bird on their shirts!

Many of our clients like to refer to us as “the guys with the bird on their shirts”.  The bird we have in our logo is a phoenix and represents the story of the mythical bird who never dies but is reborn from the ashes.

  • Every project has an educated and detailed project manager assigned to it. You will have access to live, comprehensive updates and rest assured we maintain the highest standards.
  • Our skilled craftsmen are trained, tested, and integrated using senior level professionals on every job.  Many of our staff have been with us for years and new staff are trained to provide you with superior work.
  • We have our own lulls and do our own roof loading, unlike the other companies who work through contractors and cannot offer a guarantee.
  • We have our own freight companies and receive tile directly from the manufacturer. We transport our own building materials directly to the job site.


Roofing done right the first time

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Our cohesive and comprehensive Fully Integrated Roofing Systems are tried-and-true and ensured to protect your home in full. You can be confident our team of trained experts and friendly roofers will deliver the longest-lasting and most durable solutions for your business or home.

Integrated Roofing System


Don’t wait for disaster to strike twice! When it comes to storm, hail, and wind damage, Phoenix Roofing has helped hundreds of homeowners maneuver through the overwhelming claim process. Call now to discover how we will save you time and maximize your insurance claim.

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