b'To Property Owners and Managers Thank you for expressing interest in Phoenix Roofing & Construction, Inc. Phoenix is not just a roofing company, in addition we are an Insurance Restoration Services Company.We can assist your company or organizations needs immediately by providing accurate information and professional service which can guide your company properly through the insurance restoration process after your property loss or losses.Dealing with the insurance restoration process can be time consuming, complicated, and very frustrating. Once you decide to work with us, our services are designed to take on the brunt of this process. Our business mod-el and 98.9% of all our business is insurance restoration related. Phoenix has assisted thousands of customers through the claims process, Where typically our clients will only encounter this process once or twice in a lifetime.Phoenix Roofing & Construction, Incs team understand how often insurance companies deny their responsibility, and so our motto is We Work for You. This means that when you sign with Phoenix you will not pay us for our efforts unless we can convince the insurance to pay your claim, we also invoice your insurance company for these emergency repairs and wait for them to pay. Once we have been successful in getting the claim paid, we ask that we are given the contract to re-roof your properties in return for our services. This is a no-lose proposition for you so please consider this!It is better to choose a dependable, full-service company like Phoenix who can help you through the claim settling process, as well as a contractor who has the capability to re-build your property in a reasonable amount of time and with high quality workmanship.You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!Sincerely,Homer R. Hewitt / PresidentPhoenix Roofing & Construction, Inc.'