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Free Roof Inspection

Including on-site patching, our licensed professionals will provide you with valuable information about the condition of your roof; for free. Quotes for all of our services come up-front so that you can make decisions about what to fix. Often we find dangers homeowners are unaware of during these inspections.

Prevent future roof leaks and collapses from occurring with a free inspection and call today: Locations Contact Information

Piece of Mind

Our licensed professionals will address and inform you of any hazards while preventing serious damage from occurring later on. We will patch small leaks during the inspection.

Save Money

Quotes for all applicable services will be provided about your specific roofing needs. You can decide which projects you want to address first or schedule the work all at once. We leave that up to you to decide. (Did we mention the inspection is FREE!!!)

Insurance Assistance

Filing insurance claims after disasters or damages? We help you file your claims correctly the first time and speed up the restoration process. It is part of our professional service.

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What we look at during our inspections:

Roof quality:

This is a measure of how “weathered” or worn your roofing material is. We will make notes of any broken or tattered parts of your roof.

Rain gutter system:

We will locate any loose or broken, bent, or damaged parts of your rain gutters.

Attic moisture:

Moisture seeping in your attic can go without notice. A piece of hail can make a crack through your roofing material which can be invisible to the untrained eye. A light rain onto the damage areas of roof can make it become worse over time. We will locate any areas showing signs of fluid build up.

Leak Patching:

When leaks occur, sometimes it costs more than money. Water damage in your home can weaken the structure, destroy priceless souvenirs and expose your family to the health risks of mold. We provide a temporary patch for leaking areas we find on your roof to prevent damage while you decide how to move forward.

Our trained and experienced professionals offer free quotes specific to your roofing needs, knowledgeable advice and on-site roof leak patching because we care.

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About Our Roof Inspections

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From the start to the finish this company is top notch. Honest, dependable, and trustworthy. We could not have been happier and relieved that a company would care so much. From the President to his staff to his workers. 5 Star!!!

Nancy Berg

Best Roofing company in DFW area. Call them today if you had hail damage last night.

Patricia Wagner, Dallas, TX

Very quick and prompt… Thanks for taking good care of us.

Liz Eysink, Frisco, TX