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A hail storm may not last long, though in a short amount of time hail can cause a lot of damage to your property. Whether damaging siding, doors, windows, skylights, roofing or rain gutter systems; hail can weaken any part of the structure of your property right where it falls.

Because hail comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, finding all the damages without professionally certified experience is almost impossible.

When a breach in your roof is created from falling hail, the hot air inside vents out through that break and melts the hail causing a leak. Our roof experts are equipped with the knowledge of local roofing and the use of roofing technologies to locate even the most deceptive or difficult to find roof leaks.

We offer free roof inspections for your benefit. Valuable information about your roof from our experts allows you to make decisions about which services you need now and what can wait for later.

We also offer many payment plans for our services which help you recover efficiently. We know that when you wait too long, new damages occur and more repairs are needed.

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Often you may not notice you have damage on your roof. Until a heavy rain flows through the gap left behind from a fallen piece of hail, the leaks you have may not be obvious even though moisture is already inside of your property.

Some storms produce hail which can create a gap the size of a coffee mug, golf ball or completely destroy areas of weak roofing.

Unfortunately, property damages from hail that are not noticed until the next rain usually result in much larger interior leak. This can cause much more damage to priceless keepsakes and expose the health risks of mold and/or insects and small animal infestations.



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We work with individual building owners, general contractors, property management firms and most insurance companies to help resolve all commercial roofing problems.

We are prepared to handle anything from routine maintenance to a full Commercial Roof Replacement.

Contact our commercial roofing experts for services on flat, low-slope, and steep-sloped commercial buildings in Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma.

Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc is a national enterprise with more than 100 employees servicing the local markets of South Florida, Southwest Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Colorado.

We are a full-service insurance restoration company with our own crews, equipment, and machinery.

Our commitment to quality far expands beyond our supply choice and process/system – our core value is to only hire teams that align with our beliefs.

Implementing fully integrated roofing systems on ALL the roofs we work on.

We understand our system is one of the best in the industry.

That is why we use cutting-edge roofing technology and continuously update to the best materials and methods.

Maximize efficiency and productivity while enhancing performance and safety simultaneously.

Whether you need commercial roof repair, restoration, or a complete replacement, Phoenix Roofing and Construction Inc has the professional experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time with the quality and efficiency you deserve.

Our commercial roofing projects are efficient, fast, and affordable. We use only the most durable, advanced, and tried-and-true products and materials for our roofing projects.

Our method is proven to securely protect structures during storms, high level winds, hard rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, hail, and natural disasters.

We can provide an inspection of your commercial roof to determine the best pricing, approach, type of roof, and a time frame for your replacement needs.

From the start to the finish this company is top notch. Honest, dependable, and trustworthy. We could not have been happier and relieved that a company would care so much. From the President to his staff to his workers. 5 Star!!!

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