After A Disaster

The first step to recovery is filing your insurance claim paperwork correctly. When we provide insurance claim assistance you will know your claims are filed correctly the first time. We work with most major insurance companies so that your agent can work directly with us. Get on with your life.

Why professional insurance claim assistance benefits you:

Wise money management:

Preparing for the worst comes in use when your insurance will cover the cost. Every year we experience damaging weather events which can strip the lifetime rating of a roof by storm overnight! We make sure you get quality inspections that account for the total value of the damage and provide up-front work with the option to defer payments for up to one year.

Save time:

After work is your time to spend however you want, including relaxing on the couch with family. Filing insurance claims can take up that time and much more. Insurance claim assistance provides you with information on how to file your claim, cost analysis of services, associate of benefits services and up-front repair. For that you would have to call three other companies and that would take up a lot more of your time. We provide all insurance claim assistance services including a free roof inspection.

Relieve stress:

Filing insurance claims after disasters or damages can be exhausting and stressful. We help you file your claims correctly the first time and take the headache out of the paperwork process. Stressed about more damages occurring while you wait? Need a patch to protect your priceless belongings? We will begin work right away and your roof will be one less thing for you to worry about in your day.

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Roofing claims filed correctly the first time

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How We Assist With Insurance Claims

Free inspection:

We will assess your roof quality, rain gutter system, attic moisture and offer temporary patching for any leaks. See free inspections page for more here (link to free inspections)

Insurance counseling:

Not sure how to start a claim, what to write in a claim or if you are filing correctly? We will counsel you on how to file for the total amount of damages and we will follow up with your insurance provider to ensure your claim is being processed. We have completed many projects which make us very familiar with the insurance claim paperwork and process.

Up-front work:

Low on cash? With our assistance your insurance payments can be deferred for one year. This can give you ample time to save money which makes payments easier to afford later on. Our commitment is to making sure your family stays safe and dry with a solid roof over your head; we know it matters more than money to you.

Construction referral:

Working with the top industry trained professionals allows us to do much more than roofing. As a construction company we offer many other repairs and solutions which may come up separate from your roofing. Being in the construction industry and knowing the experts as our equals, if you have a project which extends beyond our scope, we will be happy to offer referrals to companies we work with often as well.

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