After A Disaster

The first step to recovery is having us inspect your roof before you file a claim so you are aware of all the damages. Then select us as your preferred roofing contractor and let your insurance company know when you file a claim. We will also meet with the adjuster at your location to help point out all the damages and provide professional recommendations specific to your needs. Getting your roof repairs from our certified professionals is quick and will prevent major damages from occurring while you wait for your insurance provider. We have many payment options which allow you to recover at your pace.

The longer you wait, new damages occur and more repairs are needed. Sometimes this leads to stress which results in impulse reactions to hire an uninsured handyman to perform unqualified and/or inexperienced work. Do not allow someone to convince you of a cheap alternative roofing solution without doing your research on their offer. While it may seem like a good deal at the time, you will surely regret it later.

Many insurance scams occur after a disaster and if you hire someone who does not have an insurance policy covering the work & workers on your roof, you may not be eligible for insurance reimbursement. Beware and aware of these people as they may also cost you more than you agreed too, sue you for injuries they sustain on your property and/or only temporarily repair your roof with poor and faulty work which results in sprawling leaks causing interior damages.

Why professional insurance restoration benefits you:

Wise money management:

Preparing for the worst comes in use when your insurance will cover the cost. Every year we experience damaging weather events which can strip the lifetime rating of a roof by storm overnight! We make sure you get quality inspections that account for the total value of the damage and provide up-front work with the option to defer payments for up to one year.

Save time:

After work is your time to spend however you want, including relaxing on the couch with family. Filing insurance claims can take up that time and much more. Our insurance restoration benefits you with information on the condition of your roof, an analysis of roofing services needed and emergency tarp services for immediate protection. Getting started with the restoration process is faster and easier than you think. We recommend that you start by sitting down, putting your feet up and giving us call to schedule your free roof inspection.

Relieve stress:

Filing insurance claims after disasters or damages can be exhausting and stressful. Having professionally experienced inspectors locating damaged parts of your roof is important during this process. We offer professional inspections which result in recommendations to your insurance company about services relating to your specific types of damages. This information allows your insurance company to provide you with all the repairs needed; not just some. Stressed about more damages occurring while you wait? Need a patch to protect your priceless belongings? We will begin work right away and your roof will be one less thing for you to worry about in your day.


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Professional review:

Getting a second opinion can make a big difference. Our certified roof professionals are experienced in providing thorough inspections which your insurance company needs to know about in order to file for the total of your damages. We will also follow up with your insurance provider to ensure your claim is being processed. As soon as we are notified to start work, our teams are ready to repair your roof.

Up-front work:

Low on cash? With our assistance your insurance payments can be deferred for one year. This can give you ample time to save money which makes payments easier to afford later on. Our commitment is to making sure your family stays safe and dry with a solid roof over your head; we know it matters more than money to you.

Construction referral:

Working with the top industry trained professionals allows us to do much more than roofing. As a construction company we offer many other repairs and solutions which may come up separate from your roofing. Being in the construction industry and knowing the experts as our equals, if you have a project which extends beyond our scope, we will be happy to offer referrals to companies we work with often as well.

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