What You Get From Weather Damage Repair

When a roof is weak, it will leak; even if it is not broken. After a leak starts damages occur inside within minutes. Our construction team is ready to fix it today including on-site patch repairs for all types of roofing and weather damages. We provide quality repair services and work with most insurance companies.

Quick Response:

Stay calm and call us right away. As soon as we receive a message with your information our team in your area is notified to assist you.

Professional Documentation:

We help you file your claims correctly the first time and speed up the restoration process by documenting the severity of damage from a professional perspective. This allows insurance agents to speed up the claim process because our trusted, trained and experienced professionals provided the documents to prove your claims are accurate and legitimate.

Keep You Safe:

Our employees are skilled professionals who work at heights and on sloped surfaces; your roof. Performing these repairs can be very dangerous and as easy as our team makes it look, the risks are always present.


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Services Included With Weather Damage Repair:

Leak Patching:

Patching leaks on our first visit is common practice for us. Our patches are a temporary fix for up to one month of protection. This will prevent any further damages from occurring until you decide to schedule work. This comes with our free inspection.

All Roofing Types:

Whether your roof is made of only one material or many (a garage may be a flat roof and your house may be a slanted shingle roof) we can fix them all. Trained and experienced in every type of roofing, our teams are knowledgeable, skilled, and ready to get the job done.

Insurance Restoration:

Quality work comes with quality care. Getting through all of the paperwork or learning how to file insurance claims can be exhausting and difficult. We have years of experience and will assist you through the process ensuring you get the total amount for your damages without sacrificing time and money.


Because we are in the industry of construction our abilities are not limited to roofing alone. When you need more than just your roof repaired, we also assist with our connections to large building material manufacturing companies. That means a reduced cost for your project.

Specific To Your Roofing Needs

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From the start to the finish this company is top notch. Honest, dependable, and trustworthy. We could not have been happier and relieved that a company would care so much. From the President to his staff to his workers. 5 Star!!!

Nancy Berg

“ We made a great choice using Phoenix Roofing & Construction for our roof replacement and in dealing with our insurance company after Hurricane Irma hit Marco Island, FL on September 10, 2018. Dana Coote couldn’t have been more professional, courteous,… ”

Barry French, Marco Island, FL

Best Roofing company in DFW area. Call them today if you had hail damage last night.

Patricia Wagner, Dallas, TX

“Phoenix Roofing replaced our roof following Hurricane Irma. With some many roofs damaged or missing, getting someone to even review and evaluate your roof was a challenge. Phoenix Roofing sent a person who actually got up on the roof so… ”

Kim Sackett, Marco Island, FL

Very quick and prompt… Thanks for taking good care of us.

Liz Eysink, Frisco, TX

“We hired Phoenix Roofing to re roof our home after Irma and were impressed with them from start to finish. They were very friendly and helpful and completed the job when they said they would. Jared was very approachable and… ”

Barbara Deane, Marco Island, FL